George Berger
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George Berger


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Overview... a hippie leader. George Berger is the de-facto head of a “Tribe” of flower children who wander the streets of late 1960s New York City celebrating free love, drug use, and their anti-war sensibilities. When he meets a young small-town draftee named Claude Bukowski, Berger decides to take him under his wing and introduce him to the hippie lifestyle. Though he spends his days smoking pot and hanging out with his friends, Berger is also worried about being drafted in the Vietnam War.

Personality... free-spirited, rebellious, confrontational, and a leader. Berger believes in free love and equality, but he also likes the attention that comes with being in charge of the Tribe. With his long hair and ripped clothes, Berger is rebelling against the “proper” aesthetic of his parents’ generation and celebrating counterculture of all kinds. While he’s an empathetic towards his own Tribe, he also loves to challenge the suburbanites he sees as the enemies of his movement.

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