George Banks
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George Banks

Father of the Bride

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About Him

Living... in sunny SoCal, in a small town called San Marino. George has lived with his family for the past fifteen years in the same house on Maple Drive. The town hasn't changed much over the years, and since George isn't a guy who's big on change, it fits him like a glove.

Profession... small business owner. George owns an athletic shoe company called Sidekicks, and while it might not be raking in cash, it does well enough for George and his family.

Interests... his family and spending time with them. With his oldest child, Annie, already twenty-two, George is determined to spend as much time as possible with Annie her younger brother, Matty. George especially enjoys playing basketball with his kids, though he usually loses to Annie and her mean hook shot.

Relationship Status... happily married. Things are great with his wife, but it's his daughter's love life that worries him. Annie just got engaged, and George doesn't know anything about the fiancé she met in Europe: what he does, where he's from, or how old he even is. For all George knows, this "Bryan MacKenzie" could be wanted internationally.

Challenge... planning his daughter's wedding. Although he's still ambivalent about Annie's marriage, George eventually gives in, but that doesn't mean he's going to give up. George is determined to help plan Annie's wedding, and while that turns out to far more complicated than he expected, it's nothing compared to losing his little girl to a stranger.

Personality... loving, protective, and just a little paranoid. George recognizes he can be overprotective of his daughter, but he shrugs off any attempts to change him: "what can I say? I'm a father. Worrying comes with the territory."

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