Gene Forrester
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Gene Forrester

A Separate Peace

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About Him

Living... in the shadow of his best friend. At the boarding school Devon, roommates Gene and Finny are the best of friends – and rivals. Gene, however, sees nothing wrong with the competition in their relationship, since "there were few relationships among us at Devon not based on rivalry."

Profession... student, and a good one. While Finny is the star athlete of the school, Gene is its star student, doing well in nearly subject he pursues. Still, Gene can't help but envy his best friend's easy charm and popularity.

Interests... studying, studying, and fooling around with Finny. Gene might be a serious student, but his roommate's charisma makes his schemes hard to resist. From blitzball to the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session, Finny always has something up his sleeve, and Gene's more than happy to go along for the ride.

Relationship Status... single. Devon's an all-boys prep school, so the time Gene would otherwise spend pursuing girls gets channeled into his obsession over his relationship with Finny.

Challenge... overcoming his jealousy. Daring, well-liked, and kind, Finny is the type of boy anyone would want to be like. It's natural, then, that Gene might sometimes get jealous of him. But although he insists that "there was no harm in envying even your best friend a little," Gene's envy soon turns into something darker. If Gene isn't careful, that green-eyed monster may end up killing their friendship.

Personality... intelligent, introverted, and insecure. Although Gene has talents of his own, he dismisses them in favor of focusing on Finny's gifts – and what a number of them there are! A serious student compared to Finny's boisterous cheerfulness, Gene might like his roommate, but more than anything, he wants to be him. 

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