Gene Belcher

Gene Belcher

    Bob's Burgers
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Growing Up… in the tiny apartment above his dad’s restaurant, Bob’s Burgers, with his little sister, Louise, and his older sister, Tina. Being the middle child is something  Gene constantly complains about in hopes of getting extra attention or something that he wants. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer (more of a spoon, really) but he’s loved by his parents and tolerated by his siblings. 

Living… currently in his own room in the apartment. Louise decided she couldn’t stand him anymore and took up residence in a closet. 

Profession… elementary school student and part-time employee at Bob’s Burgers. Because he’s already quite rotund, he often wears the burger suit and hands out promotional coupons and other notices on behalf of the restaurant. Though it’s a big responsibility and he oftentimes screws it up, he seems to enjoy being a burger much more than being in school.

Interests… playing the keyboard, pulling pranks, farting, eating, sound effects, and jokes. Gene has an interest in performance art and dreams of being a musician – he believes that the highest calling in the world is to design catchy commercial jingles. A man of many, uh, “talents,” Gene is also something of an aspiring comedian, able to roll out groan-inducing jokes on command. 

Relationship Status… single. Gene cares very little for the opposite sex. Although he did have one brief relationship, it was mostly because of the girl’s dad, which sounds a lot worse than it actually was. 

Challenge… annoying. Whether with excessive jokes, interrupting sound effects, shouting into a megaphone, or playing music and other tunes on his keyboard, Gene strives to insert himself into every conversation and make it a little more bizarre. The world has mostly mastered the art of tuning Gene out – which really doesn’t seem to bother him too much.

Personality… annoying, funny, and downright strange. Gene has about the same amount of regard for social convention as he has for nutrition. He’ll never hesitate to blurt out what’s on his mind, even if it has no relation to the conversation at hand or any conversation that has ever been at hand. While Gene’s behavior can often get a little irritating, he ingratiates himself to his siblings by acting as a willing accomplice in whatever scheme they dream up. Gene is nothing if not a Belcher team player (though he’d prefer the title of mascot).


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