Gemma Morrow
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Gemma Morrow

Sons of Anarchy

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About Her

Grew up… first in Oregon, where she was born in 1957, and then in Charming, California, after her father, a reverend, accepted a position at the Charming United Church. Her pious upbringing did little to curb her wild spirit, and in 1975 Gemma married John Teller, the founder of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club (SAMCRO).

Living… at 5024 Sandy Creek Rd. in Charming, California. It’s the same house she shared with her late first husband, John Teller. Gemma loves Charming, and is the self-proclaimed “queen” of the small town.

Profession… matriarch of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. Gemma is not an official member of the organization, but is the widow of John Teller, the organization’s first president, and the current wife of Clay Morrow, SAMCRO’s second and current president. A tough woman who can carry secrets and manipulate others, many of SAMCRO’s plans only succeed as a result of Gemma’s quiet intervention. She is also instrumental in maintaining SAMCRO’s positive image throughout Charming, frequently dragging the members of the club to community events and involving them in local problems.

Interests… Gemma loves two things: power and her family. She is determined to prolong the influence of SAMCRO, and spends almost all of her waking hours trying to maneuver and manipulate SAMCRO to the top. She is particularly interested in enhancing the status and power of her son, Jax Teller, and husband, Clay Morrow. She believes that it is Jax’s destiny to inherit his father’s club after Clay Morrow relinquishes the presidency, and consistently tries to groom Jax for leadership. She is a prominent citizen of Charming, a position she utilizes to enhance the prestige and security of the club.

Relationship status… happily married to Clay Morrow, the current president of SAMCRO. Gemma’s first marriage ended in 1993, when her husband John Teller was killed by a semi-truck. Clay and Gemma are deeply in love, and together comprise a power couple that is essential to the continued prosperity of the Sons of Anarchy.

Challenge… maintaining the stability of SAMCRO and controlling her increasingly unpredictable son, Jax Teller. Gemma is dedicated to the survival of SAMCRO, and is willing to endure almost anything to protect the club and its members. But Gemma’s problems aren’t limited to present threats – she’s been involved with the club for over 25 years, and during that time she’s tried to bury a lot of secrets. Her closet is full of skeletons, and seems to fill up more every day. A master manipulator, Gemma constantly has to scheme and scrap to keep her secrets hidden and her power growing.

Personality… crude, guarded, and tough. Gemma is intensely maternal to the members of SAMCRO and the citizens of Charming. She is fiercely independent and intelligent, and rarely lets anyone know everything she’s thinking. This tendency to hide her feelings is an outgrowth of her deep cynicism. While Gemma loves the good things in her life she is skeptical of dogma and religion, preferring to only ever think of immediate, practical problems. Her ambition is immense, but not personal. She dreams of maintaining her first husband’s legacy, her second husband’s power, and her son’s future. This familial loyalty is her primary principle, and takes precedence over everything else. In her own words, “Nothing gets in the way of me taking care of my family. Especially my conscience.”

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