Gemma Doyle

Gemma Doyle

A Great and Terrible Beauty

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About Her

Grew Up... in British India during the Victorian era. In India, Gemma led a decidedly freer childhood than most of her peers, to the great chagrin of her grandmother and brother.

Living... back in England, after the sudden death of her mother. Still reeling from the shock of losing her mother, Gemma now must also deal with both her broken family and her harsh readjustment into British society.

Visiting... Spence Academy, an all-girls boarding school. Although academics are given their due, the majority of time at Spence is spent preparing its students to be proper British women. The new girl coming from an exotic country, Gemma initially struggles to find her place at Spence – and her troubles only worsen when she begins to have visions of another world.

Profession... aristocrat-in-training, which conflicts with her newfound magical powers. In the “realms,” the magical world she's been having visions of, Gemma and her friends are able to escape their repressive reality for a world where they have infinite power. But the realms has its own dangers, and more than any of her friends, Gemma knows it “is not a place to stay. It’s a place of dreams.”

Interests... her family and her friends, and using her magic to help them. Like many teenagers, Gemma is desperate for others' approval, and she's more than willing to use her magic to help those she cares about. But magic has its own risks, and Gemma's casual use of it may cause more problems than it solves.

Relationship Status... single, and encouraged to stay that way. As Gemma wryly puts it, "We aren’t supposed to feel. We’re British." But even Victorian prudery can't prevent 16-year-olds from falling in love, especially when Kartik – the mysterious man following Gemma – is so dazzlingly handsome...

Challenge... learning to control her new powers while recovering from her mother's death. As she awakes into her new powers, Gemma's grief makes her an easy target for the enemies she finds in both Britain and the realms, and she soon finds herself playing with both her life and the lives of her friends.

Personality... independent, loyal, and insecure. Though outwardly a proper lady, Gemma has a mind of her own and fits as well into British society as her magical powers do. (Which is to say, not well.) Yet her disdain for Victorian morality doesn't erase Gemma's need for acceptance, and Gemma's desire to please others often causes her to make decisions she soon regrets.

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