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Gary Walsh


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Living… next to the Vice-President at all times, in Washington D.C. Gary has no qualms spending every waking minute next to the Veep, but for the Veep herself, it can get quite annoying. Though even if he wanted to leave, she’d convince him otherwise. As much as she occasionally rails on him, Selina knows she’d crumble without him by her side.

Profession… personal aide to Vice President Selina Meyer. Gary is informally known as the Veep’s “Body Man,” accompanying her constantly and providing anything she might need. He acts as a shield of optimism, deflecting any bad news with a positive outlook. His job is to keep Selina as happy and sane as possible. That’s tougher than it might sound given Selina’s a heartbeat away from the presidency in the viper pit that is Washington D.C.

Interests… Selina. What else is there time for? His life is 24/7 Veep. He’s been a Body Man for so long, it’s hard to tell Selina’s interests apart from his own.

Relationship Status… involved with Dana, to the surprise of everyone. Then again, if Gary was going to end up with someone, it makes sense that she’s as domineering as Dana. They’ve grown close, but Selina is still by far the number one woman in his life. Not that he’d ever tell Dana that. The last thing he’d want is to make her angry. She might leak more secrets to the media.

Challenge… keeping it together. Gary’s primary task is making the Vice President happy on a minute-by-minute basis, but sometimes the stress becomes too much for him, throwing him into panic attacks. He also has a severe Oedipal complex that hinders his personal relationships, due to his extended stay in his mother’s womb.

Personality… patient, pliant, and loyal. If there ever was a Yes Man, it’s Gary. He gives and gives from morning ‘til night and rarely gets anything back, aside from insults. He’s a gentle soul in an unforgiving environment – optimistic in a sea of cynicism, content rather than competitive. For all of his faults, he is the Vice President’s rock. She would be lost without him.

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