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Gary Wallace

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Grew up… in Shermer, Illinois, with his best friend and fellow geek Wyatt Donnelly. Shermer is a nice, middle-class suburb of Chicago, a seemingly ideal place to grow up – unless you’re a geek like Gary and Wyatt.

Living… under the tormenting thumb of Shermer High School’s popular bullies, Max and Ian. Gary dreams of being friends (and more) with Shermer High’s beautiful girls. But for the time being, his hopes of “drinks, nightlife, dancing,” are still just fantasies.

Visiting… Wyatt’s house for the weekend. With Wyatt’s parents out of town, the two desperate boys decide to take to the opportunity to try out Wyatt’s new computer to “make a woman,” a la Dr. Frankenstein. Gary explains, “We gotta make her as real as possible, Wyatt. I want her to live. I want her to breathe. I want her to aerobicize.”

Interests… aside from chess, Gary spends most of his time fantasizing about his female peers. The fact that the gorgeous sophomore girls won’t even look at him only makes him more obsessed.

Challenge… taking control of his computerized creation. To Gary’s shock, his and Wyatt’s experiment to create a woman has worked: Lisa is the beautiful, sophisticated, intelligent woman that he’s always dreamed of. Unfortunately, he’s proving to be a bit more timid than he’d like to be, and Lisa seems to be controlling him rather than vice versa

Personality… geeky, shy, and bumbling. Gary, like any other sex-obsessed teen, is cursed with the awkwardness of early adolescence. He exudes a pasty desperation – until Lisa helps turn him into a sophisticated cool cat. Whether the transformation will last, especially with flesh-and-blood girls his own age, is the real question.

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Gary Wallace
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