Gary Johnston
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Gary Johnston

Team America: World Police

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About Him

Living... in Mt. Rushmore. Gary is a member of the anti-terrorist strike force, Team America: World Police. They swoop into potential terrorist attacks, guns blazing, and save the day – albeit with no regard for human life or the safety of other countries’ national monuments.

Profession... former Broadway actor turned terrorist-fighter. His rendition of Everybody Has AIDS destroyed audiences on the Great White Way, but now his acting prowess is used to destroy terrorism as part of Team America. He’s not completely sold on his new job, though – his brother died because of his acting, and he never wanted his talents to hurt anyone ever again.

Relationship Status... in love with his new teammate, Lisa. He bared his soul to her and the two went on to have passionate, graphic, acrobatic puppet-sex all through the night.

Challenge... saving the free world from Kim Jong-Il. The North Korean leader plans on unleashing weapons of mass destruction all over the globe, and Team America are the only people standing in his way. But the most respected group of people in the world – film actors – outspokenly oppose Team America. Could Gary’s history as a celebrated thespian get the acting community on his team’s side?     

Personality... brilliant and fearless. Mostly. He knows he wields a powerful gift (his acting ability) and that kind of responsibility scares him. His emotional vulnerability makes him an incredible actor, but fighting terrorism requires a carefree thoughtlessness that has been very difficult for him to achieve.

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