Gary Grobowski
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Gary Grobowski

The Break-Up

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About Him

Grew Up… in a family full of men. Gary and his brothers grew up in the rougher end of town in Chicago, and they’re not the kind of people who take guff from anyone.

Living… with his girlfriend of two years, Brooke, in what is beginning to seem like a very small condo. Gary may have realized that purchasing the apartment with his girlfriend was a bad idea when they begin to clash over decoration ideas. The refined Brooke doesn’t seem too keen on his decorative flair: “The energy in the condo might be a little more amazing if we had a pool table.” Not surprisingly, Brooke immediately vetoes the pool table idea.

Profession… tour guide in his family business, Three Brothers Bus Tours. Gary spends all day on his feet on top of a crowded bus, showing tourists around Chicago. When he comes home from work the last thing he wants to do is help out with housework; he’d prefer to lounge on the couch with a beer and watch the Cubs game.

Interests… hanging out at his friend Johnny’s bar, playing video games and, most of all, watching the Chicago Cubs play baseball. Gary is just an average dude who likes to do chill out and drink a few beers.

Relationship Status… in a quickly disintegrating relationship. After moving in together, Gary realizes that Brooke (who has been “acting crazy,” in his view) is far more difficult to live with than he imagined. Not only is she nagging him to do the dishes and set the table, she’s being extremely needy about the whole thing, too. Of course, that’s just Gary’s side of the argument. Brooke feels that Gary never helps out around the house or caters to her feelings without being asked, and she’s right.

Challenge… claiming the condo for himself. When Gary and Brooke finally break up, they begin an all-out-war for their newly purchased (and incredibly valuable) condo. Brooke is proving to be a tough opponent after all. Gary likes to let loose with the trash talking: “Is that how you wanna play it, Brooke? Because I can play it like that, I can play it like Lionel Richie, All Night Long.”

Personality… boisterous, sloppy, and stubborn. Gary is the kind of guy who thinks that “game night” with the guys is a high priority. He’s set in his masculine ways, and refuses to budge. He might not be as ready for a serious, two-way relationship as he thought. Frankly, Gary still has some growing up to do. But if you want a buddy to hit the town with, Gary is your man.

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