Gary "Gaz" Schofield
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Gary "Gaz" Schofield

The Full Monty

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About Him

Living… in Sheffield in South Yorkshire. Gaz used to work in the once booming steel mills there, but unfortunately times have changed for the worse for that industry. Since the steel mill shut down, Gaz and his former co-worker Dave have resulted to being small time crooks and plundering scrap metal from the once functional and now abandoned mills to sell for themselves.

Profession… unemployed. His job loss is taking a toll on him and his family. His ex-wife and her boyfriend have threatened legal troubles after Gaz failed to make some child support payments. And he found it especially hard to hear from his son that he wishes he could have a more normal life. Gaz decides to make a change to his career, and it's a very revealing one at that.

Interests… stripping and dancing as of late. Gaz will do anything to make some extra cash… and we mean anything. When he sees a gaggle of women lining up to see a Chippendale's performance, he gets an idea to try something very new. He sets out to convince his other former co-workers to join him in stripping to get some extra dough.

Relationship Status… divorced from Mandy. Gaz's main motivation for stripping is to get square with her and get caught up on his child support payments. With his newfound confidence in practicing to show every lady in town the full monty (hence the name of their act), he also hopes to show Mandy what she’s missing out on.

Challenge… dealing with his insecurity among his other fellow "dancers." Gaz has to prove himself as a leader to encourage them to deal with their own problems and issues – and show their true manliness, both literally and figuratively.

Personality… industrious, resourceful, and resilient. Gaz is pretty persuasive and, like any true dreamer and leader, manages to convince some pretty normal guys to achieve their true potential. When one of his friends doubts if they should do the show, he replies: "You forget, Gerald, you're not our foreman anymore. You're just like the rest of us: scrap." Brutally honest at times, Gaz is usually right.

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