Gary Dove
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Gary Dove

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About Him

Grew Up... getting into all sorts of trouble. Along with his partner in crime, Don Logan, Gary ("Gal" to his friends) broke almost every law you can think of, focusing on grand-scale theft. After a while, Gal began to seek a way out of the criminal life.

Living… retired in his Spanish villa. Gal sunbathes and swims around in his nice swimming pool—until, of course, a boulder tumbles into it.

Profession… retired safecracker. Gal was something of a celebrity among London’s organized crime before leaving for Spain.

Interests… cigars, beer, liquor, sunbathing, and the finer things in life.

Relationship Status… married. His wife Deedee is an ex-porn star, who Gal loved for years and married right after getting out of jail. The two of them lead a wonderful life away from harm, crime, and anger.

Challenge… maintaining his peaceful life. His old comrade, Don Logan, has sought Gary out to do one last job. Even though Gary staunchly refuses to get involved, Don will make Gary’s life a living hell if he refuses.

Personality… lazy, reposed, and self-satisfied. Gal regrets the crimes he has committed, if only because he paid dearly for them. After spending nine years in jail, Gary never wants to commit crimes again. He is happily retired and desperately does not want to follow Don Logan into inevitable doom. But doom seems hard to avoid whenever Logan is around.

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