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About Him

Living... in a wheelchair in St. Louis, Missouri. Garrett is a paraplegic.

Profession... store announcer of the Cloud 9 near him where he does the bare minimum for his paycheck. He spends most of his day making jokes on the intercom and playing pranks on his coworkers. 

Interests... shoes. He is an avid shoe collector, and discounts at the store come in handy for his shoe obsession. 

Relationship status... single. He doesn’t seem to be looking for a romantic relationship at the moment. 

Challenge... dealing with people’s sympathy. Garrett finds it annoying that he gets sad stares from people when they see him in a wheelchair; he just wants to be treated like everyone else. He also struggles with his overly strict assistant manager, Dina Fox, who doesn’t share the same love of pranks as he does. 

Personality... sociable, sarcastic, and lazy. He is good friends with many of his coworkers, including Amy, Jonah, and Cheyenne. But he can be a bad influence because he often tries to rope them into goofing off with him. When it comes to his job, there are moments when Garrett decides to work harder than usual or help someone out because he sees that it is important to coworkers. But mostly Garrett seems to think his job is to make people laugh. 

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