Ganondorf (Ganon)

Ganondorf (Ganon)

The Legend of Zelda

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About Him

Overview… a dark and evil demon. Ganon was born a Gerudo, although his meddling with dark forces has changed him into something else entirely. He’s now a power-hungry warlock bent on the domination of Hyrule and the entire world. He possesses the Triforce of Power, a powerful relic that grants him magic powers and near invulnerability. He seeks to piece together the entire Triforce – power, courage, and wisdom – in order to use its ancient powers to trample all in his way. That especially includes the pesky hero of Hyrule, Link.

Personality… cunning, strategic, and arrogant. Ganon believes he alone is destined to rule over Hyrule with the Triforce, and his megalomania feeds his true evil nature. Highly manipulative and powerful, Ganon is not to be taken lightly, and lacks any sense of morality or mercy. Although a clever strategist, his pride may be his ultimate downfall.

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