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Overview… sergeant in charge of a troop of French Foreign Legion soldiers. Galoup is a dedicated military man who lives his life strictly by his scheduled routines. He leads his men through daily exercises, long explorations across isolated terrain, and other seemingly useless and pointless tasks. When a young and good-looking new soldier named Gilles Sentain joins his troop, however, Galoup becomes envious of his natural charisma, skills, and beauty, and plots to punish him for any transgression he catches.

Personality… disciplined, stoic, and obsessive. Galoup tries to embody the essence of the ideal soldier and leader, and generally succeeds except when he goes too far. He’s a perfectionist who fixates on the small details, like a perfectly made bed. Ever aware of his rivalry with Sentain, Galoup’s need to be dominant and controlling drives his envy to the breaking point as he painstakingly thinks about how to destroy Sentain once and for all. 

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