Gail Hartman
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Gail Hartman

The River Wild

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About Her

Living… with her husband Tom, who is a workaholic architect, Tom. Tom seems to have every hour of the day allotted for his non-stop work as an architect, leaving her and their son, Roarke, their daughter Willa, to spend most of their family time to themselves.

Profession… world-class mom. But as a wife she's losing her patience with Tom. She and Roarke are set to go on their family rafting trip without Tom, when he joins them at the last second. But will he put his work behind him?

Interests… keeping her family safe on the rafting trip, and not just against the dangers of the water. Gail realizes there's been a robbery nearby to where they're rafting. And she suspects that two other rafters, Wade and Terry, may be behind it. They seemed so nice when she first met them; they even helped celebrate Roarke's birthday. But she is starting to see another side to them.

Relationship Status… complicated with her husband, Tom. But there are bigger problems on the river than just Gail's marital problems.

Challenge… evading Wade and Terry who are playing sadistic mind games with her and her family. When the truth comes out that they are as dangerous as they are armed, can Gail find the resolve to persevere through more choppy waters, both literally and figuratively?

Personality… strong, skilled, intuitive, and brave. At one point, Wade threatens to kill her, and she does not back down easily: "Then go ahead. Don't keep telling me how tough you are, Wade, just show me." She is not a woman who backs down easily.

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