G. Callen
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G. Callen

NCIS: Los Angeles

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About Him

Grew Up… under strange circumstances, apparently. Not much is known about Callen’s past, as his personnel file is highly classified, and he prefers not to talk about it, even with his partner Sam.

Living… in Los Angeles, roughly. Callen doesn’t have a permanent place of residence, often crashing for short periods with different co-workers or floating between motels. He works enough to keep busy during the days, meaning he really only needs a place to sleep at night.

Profession… NCIS Special Agent and team leader. Though his entire team are technically all the same rank, Callen is known to be the point man of the group, working closely with the NCIS station director Hetty.

Interests… relaxing, drinking, and picking up new languages. Callen is an international expert, fluent in pretty much everything ranging from Spanish to Russian. He’s a quick learner, constantly brushing by up reading international news and books.

Relationship Status… bachelor. Callen is committed to the job, working long hours and avoiding most other commitments, including romantic ones.

Challenge… working with the team. Of everyone, Callen is the most prone to striking out on his own and taking matters into his own hands. He’s friendly and jovial in everyday interactions, but when push comes to shove, he closes himself off from his teammates, making him  more of an enigma than an equal.

Personality… witty and laidback. When he’s not in the heat of a gunfight or pursuit, Callen is a lackadaisical guy who enjoys wise-cracking with his co-workers. He might be relaxed around his friends, but he still doesn’t share his personal feelings, an attitude that pairs well with his no-strings-attached lifestyle. He’s rowdy, but calculating and strong under pressure. Despite his passion for action, he craves stability and rarely tries new hobbies or activities. “I’m a creature of habit,” he says, to which his partner Sam replies, “Yeah, you’re a creature all right. Bad habits.”

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