Freddy Benson
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Freddy Benson

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

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About Him

Visiting... Beaumont sur Mer in the French Riviera. He heard it's a little town crawling with rich women.

Profession... conman, but not a very good one. His lines asking for donations for his sick grandmother haven’t gotten him anything more than a meal. For his latest scheme, he has made a bet with another guy named Lawrence Jamieson he met on a train. The bet is this: they find a woman, set a price, and the first man to extract $50,000 from her wins. They have picked Janet as their lucky woman. With an impeccable wardrobe and all his knowledge about culture, Lawrence thinks this will be an easy contest. Freddy, who usually wears a ratty T-shirt, is definitely the underdog.

Relationship Status... promising. To woo Janet, he got a wheelchair and made up an elaborate story about having to leave the Navy because of his legs. And he told her a sad story about his fiancé who ran off with the host of a popular TV program, Dance U.S.A., after he became paralyzed. So far, his act seems to be working. But Lawrence is trying to outdo him as a Viennese psychiatrist.

Challenge... going through with the bet. As he has gotten to know Janet, he is starting to have second thoughts. He has never known anyone as sweet as her.

Personality... goofy, unrefined, and simple. Although he doesn’t have the same polish that Lawrence has, he makes up for it with his persistence and optimism. And in a way, that is more charming than anything. 


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