Fred Madison
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Fred Madison

Lost Highway

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About Him

Living… a normal life in Los Angeles until recently. His life has been turned upside down when an anonymous man shows up to his house, and announces to him via intercom that a man named Dick Laurent has died. But when Fred opens up the door, there's no one there. After that, a strange series of events begin to unfold that Fred doesn’t know how to deal with or stop.

Profession… saxophonist. Fred spends most of his time in dimly lit nightclubs.

Relationship Status… married to his wife, Renee. However, he’s starting to think that she might be cheating on him – especially since she hasn’t been coming to his jazz performances recently. She also seems to know something about strange videotapes that have been arriving at the house, but she won’t tell him.

Challenge… keeping his grip on reality. The strange man who told him about Dick Laurent is a mystery, but he’s not the only mysterious figure around. Fred is struggling to understand what’s going on, but his own memories aren’t helping – they’re confused and blurry, and he seems to recall impossible things.

Personality… anxious, confused, and depressed. He is struggling to deal with his slipping grasp on what is real. 

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