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Grew up… as a child prodigy of sorts. He went from humble beginnings in Seattle to Harvard University, where he trained in psychoanalysis. Frasier was overjoyed to leave his provincial home and never expected to be back. The son of a tough, hard-drinking Irish police officer, the precocious Frasier was a misunderstood and sensitive child, and a target for bullies.

Living… in Seattle with his father as Frasier tries to recover from a nasty divorce. He returned to the Northwest from Boston after giving up his own private practice, and has taken in his father Martin, who has a bad hip from being shot in the line of duty. Living with his aging, blue-collar father can be difficult for Frasier, who sees himself as a man of culture. Of his new living situation, he says: “Abe Lincoln had a brighter future when he picked up his tickets from the box office.”

Profession… radio psychotherapist on Seattle’s KACL station. It’s his job to “listen to people prattling on endlessly about their mundane lives” and give them sound advice. Rest assured, going commercial hasn’t ruined his credentials. Frasier is still one of the most respected psychotherapists in the country.

Interests… wine, haute cuisine, art, culture. Frasier “could teach a course” in the finer things in life. Frasier makes a point of preferring a glass of  “Pouilly-Fuisse 1992” to his father’s simple can of Ballantine’s. Of course such refined tastes would come with numerous degrees from Harvard.

Relationship Status… recently divorced. “My wife had left me,” he says. “Then she came back to me, which was excruciating.” While Frasier misses his only child, Frederick, of whom his ex-wife has custody, he tries to enjoy his life as a newly single man.

Challenge… re-making his life in a new city, which happens to be the hometown he thought he’d left behind forever. 

Personality… witty and urbane, but also pompous, snobby and pretentious. Frasier is notorious among his friends for being uptight and haughty. He often finds it difficult to spend time with people of different tastes and temperaments, and does not suffer fools gladly. But if you have a problem, Frasier will likely do his best to help.

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