Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton

Grand Theft Series

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About Him

Grew Up... in Los Santos. Franklin was born and raised in a lower-income section of Los Santos, San Andreas. He has a lot of local pride though and isn’t happy when people insult the West Coast.

Living... with his aunt. With both of his parents dead, Franklin shares a house with his aunt Denise left to them in his grandmother’s will. His aunt is crazy though, which just gives him even more motivation to move up in the world.

Profession... repo man. After being sent to jail for various petty crimes in his youth, Franklin tried to go legit by working as a repo man for Simeon Yetarian’s car dealership. Unfortunately, this wasn’t exactly the cleanest business.

Interests... dogs. Although he technically belongs to Franklin’s good friend Lamar Davis, Franklin spends a lot of time training and looking after the Rottweiler Chop. He even trains the dog to sniff out clues and take down runaway enemies.

Relationship Status... single. Franklin used to date his high school friend Tanisha Jackson, but she broke up with him after he started getting deeper into the gangster lifestyle. He’s still trying to get back with her though.

Challenge... getting out of the hood. Franklin wants to be a criminal, but he sees hood life as a dead end. He doesn’t want to be a lowlife gangbanger and dope dealer, he wants to be a millionaire criminal kingpin, and he thinks retired bank robber Michael De Santa is just the person to show him the ropes.
Personality... ambitious. Franklin’s dissatisfaction – his desire to do more and get more – is what separates him and occasionally alienates him from his fellow gangsters. But when he starts working for Michael, he shows he is willing to put in the work necessary to achieve his criminal dreams. As he says, “I don’t mind dying, but I just wanna die with something that matters.”

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