Frank T.J. Mackey
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Frank T.J. Mackey


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About Him

Grew up… the son of a famous television producer who cheated on his mom and abandoned their family when Frank was very young. His father never even called. When he was only fourteen, Frank was on his own to watch his mother die of cancer. Frank is still very bitter at his father.  So when his father called him recently to tell Frank that he is dying, Frank felt that he deserved it.

Living… in the San Fernando Valley. But more importantly, he lives in reality.  Once you're in reality, you learn the truth about men and women. Each and every one of them. And the world is unfair. It's a harsh, unfair place, but it's not going to stop Frank T.J. Mackey from getting his fair share in life.

Profession… dating guru, teaching men how to “tame” women.  Frank sees women as challenges to fundamental manhood – leeches who want to suck the souls of their suitors. He sees dating as a game. If you know the rules and you know the opponents’ playbook, you’re sure to win.

Interests… wearing vests and doing backflips.

Relationship Status… a big part of his life. Frank dates many women as a part of his work. That is not to say that men don't all need women as friends, because, as he says, “having a couple of chick-friends laying around can come in real handy in setting Jealousy Traps.”

Challenge… keeping up his impeccable success. He used to be a sad sack. He sees himself as a true rags-to-riches story. In the end, it was about finding your limits, your vastest possibilities, defining them, and having the skills and discipline to reach out and take it.

Personality… vulgar, lustful, arrogant, and greedy. Self-admittedly, he preys. He has the confidence and charisma to fool anyone into signing up for his seminars. But deep down, he may not be as confident as he appears. 

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