Frank Slade
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Frank Slade

Scent of a Woman

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Living… at his daughter’s house in New England. Frank is blind and spends his days alone, drinking himself stupid and smoking cigars. He’s been a drinker all his life, and refers to Jack Daniels whiskey as “John” Daniels: “He may be Jack to you, son, but when you’ve known him as long as I have...”

Visiting… New York City. After his family takes off for Thanksgiving weekend, Frank charms his young caretaker, Charlie Simms, into joining him for a luxurious couple of days in Manhattan. The depressed Frank plans to end his own life, but he wants to do it in style, after a weekend of fine dining and boozing in New York’s best restaurants.

Profession… former Colonel in the U.S. Army. Unfortunately, his career was cut short after an accident with his famous grenade-juggling act. Though long retired, Col. Slade still retains the rigid formality of a lifelong military man.

Interests… booze and the ladies. He claims to love women “above all things," though “a very, very distant second is a Ferrari.”

Challenge… overcoming his debilitating depression. Frank uses his vivacious persona as a mask to hide his own self-hatred. But as his wild weekend proceeds, cracks start to show in Frank's facade: "What life?” he tells his caretaker and friend, Charlie. “I got no life! I’m in the dark here, you understand? I’m in the dark!”

Personality… sophisticated, worldly, and charming. Frank, who at first appears to merely be a cantankerous old man, wants to use his last weekend on earth to show the young Charlie Simms what life is all about. Although his thirst for adventure and larger-than-life personality have won Frank a few enemies over the course of his many years, they've also won him plenty of friends.

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