Frank Ramsey
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Frank Ramsey

Crimson Tide

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About Him

Overview… a hardy submarine commander at the end of his career. Captain Frank Ramsey isn’t one for discussion and disagreement. “We’re here to preserve democracy,” he tells his second-in-command, “not practice it.” Some might call the obstinate captain trigger-happy, others would merely call him a good soldier. But when his sub comes face-to-face with a potential nuclear war, he won’t hesitate to push the button.

Personality… genial on the surface, but bitter and tough underneath. Cpt. Ramsey isn’t without his quirks; he takes his Jack Russell terrier with him everywhere, and doesn’t hesitate to let the animal relieve itself anywhere on his ship. But unless you’re his dog, it’s best not to cross Captain Ramsey. He’ll go as far as he needs to just to get his way.

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