Frank Pierce
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Frank Pierce

Bringing Out the Dead

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About Him

Living… in New York City where there is never a dull moment. As he says, “The street is so much more unpredictable than the ER.”

Profession… medic. Frank is drawn to the thrill of saving someone’s life. He describes it as a high better than any drug in the world: “For days, sometimes weeks afterwards, you walk the street making infinite whatever you see. Once, for weeks I couldn't feel the earth. Everything I touched became light.”

Interests… the ghosts of people he’s lost. The visitations he’s experienced over the last year have sparked his belief in spirits leaving the body, angry about their deaths. The moment he lets his mind wander, the spirits are bound to show up.

Relationship Status… single with strange prospects. He’s had a unique bond with Mary, the former junkie of Mr. Burke, a man Frank treated. Their relationship was initially centered around her father, but they’re slowly finding comfort in each other’s destructive tendencies. Saving her might be his way of saving himself.

Challenge… leaving this job. Frank has resigned himself to the spirits that haunt him, but the torment never stops. As Frank puts it, they’re everywhere: “It's impossible to pass a building that doesn't bold the spirit of something: the eyes of a corpse, the screams of a loved one. All bodies leave their mark. You cannot be near the new dead without feeling it.”

Personality… depressive. He’s always had nightmares, but now the ghosts don’t wait for him to sleep. He could only soothe his mind through drinking. He never thought it’d be this way. All he wants is peace, however fleeting.

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