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About Him

Grew Up... in times of war. He was drafted to fight in the Korean War, and he barely made it back alive. As he says, “I don’t need a $25 bible to teach me about God. I almost bled out in Korea, alright!? I have met God!”

Living... in Massachusetts in the 1970s. He left his dreams of becoming a pilot behind when got his girlfriend Susan pregnant. They are now married with two sons, Kevin and Bill, and one daughter, Maureen. 

Profession... baggage handler at the regional airport. He works for a horrible boss who shows no respect for Frank or any of his coworkers. 

Interests... watching a gritty action crime series called Colt Lugger. He repeats Colt’s catchphrase, “Sometimes a man’s gotta do, what a man does.” 

Relationship status... married to Susan. He loves her, but he doesn’t understand why she wants to work at a job that pays solely in plastic containers. He needs her at home because he can’t manage their “animals” on his own.  

Challenge... deep resentment and anger. When he gets home from his horrible job, all he wants to do is to watch TV. But he often has to deal with the latest trouble his children have caused. He can’t help but take out his frustration on everyone around him. He complains: “I hate my life, but I keep on doing it!”

Personality... angry, apathetic, and responsible. Frank is hard-working and wants to provide for his family. But he is often angry at either his job, peculiar neighbors, or crazy kids. He is so focused on his own problems that he doesn’t have time to be there for anyone else. Frank is a terrible dad, but he can be entertaining if you don’t have to live with him. 

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