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Frank Murakami

Prince of Cats

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About Him

Grew up… on a farm, in a small town by the Delaware River. Frank is the oldest of three siblings, and together with his parents he helps run their family farm.

Living… on the same farm. Frank’s in high school now, and between going to school and doing homework, he also has to collect chicken eggs, milk goats, and help animals give birth. It can be a lot of work – nature doesn’t wait for your schedule.

Profession… high school student. Frank’s good at school, even tutoring classmates in English. Still, he keeps to himself, because as the only Asian person in a school full of white people, he gets teased a lot.

Interests… fashion. Frank is an expert sewer, and he creates a lot of his own clothing. He has enough of a passion for it to make it his career, but as the eldest son, he’s expected to take over the farm from his father.

Relationship Status… single. Frank mostly keeps to himself, and any romantic life he might have is further complicated by being gay in a conservative town. He mostly spent time with Lee, his best friend since second grade, but they haven’t been as close as they used to be. What makes things even trickier is that Lee is also gay, but neither Frank nor Lee know the other’s secret yet, not for sure anyway.

Challenge… surviving life in a small town. Being Japanese-American has led to its fair share of social awkwardness, and if everyone knew he was gay, that certainly wouldn’t make it better. Other places might be more welcoming, but Frank’s expected to stay here and manage the farm, get married, have kids, and pass the farm to them. Will he ever get a chance to do something for himself?

Personality… quiet, creative, and practical. Frank knows that he can’t be selfish – his family needs him. So he continues to work hard, and try not to think too much about what he’d rather be doing. When Lee pushes him to think of the future, Frank lashes out. He’s self-sacrificing, but no one is immune to temptation. 

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