Frank Morris
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Frank Morris

Escape from Alcatraz

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About Him

Grew up… fast. He says it best when someone asks him, "What kind of childhood did you have?" His answer says it all: "Short.”

Living… in the most insanely secure modern day fortress, Alcatraz. Frank was glad to see his bank-robbing buddies he knew at a previous prision, John and Clarence Anglin, are back with him. He has also befriends other inmates who include a car thief, a prisoner who has a pet mouse and pretends to be Al Capone, and a black man who is serving two life sentences for killing two white men in self defense. But Frank also makes some powerful enemies, including the warden, and a particularly violent rapist who has his eyes on him.

Profession… criminal. Frank has seemed like has lived his life behind bars. Though he has managed to fly the coup numerous times before landing himself in the escapee's worst nightmare– the most guarded maximum-security prison imaginable. Frank desperately wants out and finally have his freedom. 

Relationship Status… none to speak of.

Challenge… completing the impossible and breaking out of Alcatraz. He’s got a loyal group of other prisoners who are willing to give it a shot with him, but it won’t be easy with a warden who is willing to put him mercilessly into the hole without much of a cause. And since Alcatraz is completely isolated, it is nearly impossible to escape. But if there's one thing that Frank is good at, it's accepting a challenge. 

Personality… hardened, fearless, and smart as they come. The coolest customer in the big house, Frank is also a charismatic leader, and may not be the bad guy that being a prisoner entails. He also has enough pride to not take guff from anyone. As he says, "There's always the possibility that some asshole will be offended. Isn't there?"

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