Frank McCloud
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Frank McCloud

Key Largo

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About Him

Living… in a run down hotel in Key Largo, where he’s stuck in the middle of a terrible hurricane. The hotel was closed when he got there. Apparently, a group of guys are renting out the place for a month; they offered the owner so much money that he couldn’t refuse. Now Frank can't leave even if he wanted to.

Profession… retired Army Major. He was a talented soldier, but the horrors he saw in World War II have made him jaded. He lost some great men, and he wonders if it was all worth it.  As he says, “Look at any front page, and tell me what our victory meant – half the world at civil war and the other half preparing for a third world war. It's a blind, vicious world bent on destroying itself.”

Interests… starting over. Frank is ready to put the past behind him and begin a new life as a civilian. But before he moves on, he felt he needed to pay his respects to the family of one of his lost soldiers, George. That’s why he has come to Key Largo. George’s father, James, is the owner of the hotel, and his widow, Nora, is staying at the hotel too. They both seem to appreciate the stories Frank tells of George’s bravery.

Relationship Status… getting close to Nora. He has heard so much about her from George that he feels he has known her for a long time. She is going through a tough time since George died, so Frank offers her his shoulder to cry on.

Challenge… being kidnapped. It turns out one of the men who rented out the hotel is a notorious gangster named Johnny Rocco. And as a sheriff comes to the hotel to investigate things, Rocco takes the sheriff hostage along with all of the other hotel guests. As the hurricane rages outside, the guests face their own storm inside the hotel and fear that they might not ever be able to check out alive.

Personality… caring and calm but also bitter and cynical. Frank used to be an idealist, but the war took that out of him. Nevertheless, he is a hero on the battlefield and off. Frank approaches this tough situation as he likely did in war – rationally, calmly, and bravely. 

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