Frank Martin
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Frank Martin

The Transporter

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About Him

Living... alone in a large villa on the French Mediterranean coastline. Reclusive and serious, Frank's only acquaintance is French local police inspector Tarconi, who is perpetually suspicious of Frank's extracurricular activities, but typically unable to find proof of any wrongdoing. In the garage of Frank's villa is his choice of transportation: a 1999 BMW 735i—fully equipped with spare license plates, of course.

Profession... a “transporter,” or specialized courier. Frank's job is to move objects from one place to another, usually by car, for whoever pays enough to make it worth his while. The secret to Frank's success, however, is a rigid set of personal rules: “1, The deal is the deal. 2, No names. 3, Never open the package. 4, Never make a promise you can't keep." Seemingly simple, the rules nevertheless have grave consequences when broken, which Frank quickly finds out. After discovering the contents of one particular package—easy to do when it's a bound and gagged woman whom he later finds out is named Lai – Frank suddenly finds himself at the center of human trafficking scheme that could get him killed.

Interests... few. Aside from driving and engaging in the occasional witty banter with Lai, Tarconi, and the bad guys, Frank's interests mainly lie in maintaining an uncomplicated life...which is not exactly an easy task considering his profession.

Relationship Status... single. Although now that he’s opened the package that turns out to be Lai, there’s some definite chemistry between them.

Challenge... keeping his fast paced-life as simple as possible. For Frank, who doesn't “particularly like complicated,” the complications wrought by Lai’s presence and the American gangsters to whom she was supposed to be delivered are a reminder of why he keeps his rules in the first place. Now a man who just wants to do his dangerous (and often illegal) job and then be left alone to enjoy its spoils is being pressed into duty as a reluctant hero. It’s enough to make him sentimentally reminisce about the quiet mornings of days past.

Personality... reserved yet formidable, with a penchant for danger. His ex-military past gives him the skills required to eliminate the occasional deceitful client and keep calm in the (constant) presence of danger. Although he initially seems ruthless, Frank gradually discovers that perhaps breaking his rules means finding his underdeveloped moral compass. And, naturally, in doing so life can get a little...well, complicated.

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