Frank Horrigan
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Frank Horrigan

In the Line of Fire

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About Him

Living… with a lot of guilt. Frank was part of the Secret Service detail assigned to the Dallas motorcade during John F. Kennedy's assassination. At the time, he felt that he could have taken one of the bullets for JFK, but he wasn’t fast enough to act in time. Haunted by this one moment in time, Frank's obsessive guilt has made him become a recluse. As he says, "You're looking at a living legend, Lilly. The only active agent who ever lost a President.

Profession… Secret Service agent. Now he’s been called back into action by someone who may be as preoccupied with the President’s life as Frank is – albeit not on the same side.

Interests… booze. As a result of his perceived failure with JFK, Frank began to drink more and more, and eventually his family left him. He’s trying to get his life back together.

Relationship Status… interested in a fellow agent named Lilly. Sparks flew when they met. But there may not be any time for romance, and Frank’s inner demons might put a stop to their budding relationship.

Challenge… Booth. After investigating a missing tenant in an apartment complex, Frank found an eerie collage of newspaper clippings on assassinations, including a picture of him in the Dallas motorcade back in 1963. He then receives a call from the tenant, a man who calls himself "Booth," who tells Frank he's going to kill the President. Booth appears to be smart, manipulative and incredibly dangerous.

Personality… hardened, extremely lethal, but perhaps a bit paranoid. He's willing and ready to give his life to save the President, but given the chance can he rise to the occasion?

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