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Frank Fowler

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About Him

Grew up… as the only child of a loving marriage. Frank has always had it all – a great relationship with his parents, a world-class education, and ceaseless luck with the ladies. Camden, Maine, is a wonderful place to grow up, especially during the lobster-fishing season.

Living… back at home. Frank has just graduated from college and is spending his summer with an older woman named Natalie Strout. While Frank’s parents, Ruth and Matt, love nothing more than having their son back in Camden, they want him to spread his wings and make something more of his life.

Profession… working on a fishing boat over the summer. Frank has always aspired to be an architect – he’s even drawn up plans for potential buildings. Now that he’s gotten involved with Natalie, though, he’s considered giving it all up to remain in Camden and make a living on a lobster boat. As he tells his disapproving father, “It’s as good a life as any.”

Relationship Status… smitten with Natalie and her two young children. Frank, still a young man himself, enjoys being the responsible man that Natalie and her boys need in their lives. Unfortunately, he’s had to put up with Natalie’s aggressive (and often violent) ex-husband, Richard, which is causing his parents to become worried for his safety.

Challenge… deciding what he wants to do with his life. Frank has many options and lots of potential. His parents just want to watch him grow up and put his talents to good use rather than get mixed up in a sordid scandal with Natalie and her ex-husband. But Frank loves being with Natalie and knows that she depends on him.

Personality… kind, intelligent and charismatic. Frank is a handsome all-American boy at the height of his youthful powers, capable of anything. Despite his young age, Frank is a role model for Natalie’s kids and a family-oriented guy who understands responsibility.

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