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Frank Dunne


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About Him

Grew Up… running. Frank was always a fast runner, perhaps because of his heritage. His father was an Irish immigrant and constantly on the move, although he finally settled in Australia.

Living… the unemployed life. Frank lost his job on the railroads, and now, out of money, has decided to enter a race at an athletics festival. Because of his great speed, Frank plans on winning the race, and bets all of his money on himself. However, Archy Hamilton, a trained, prize-winning sprinter, beats out Frank. The two become friends after Frank’s initial anger subsides, and the two decide to travel to Perth and join the army.

Profession… ex-railway laborer, and now a soldier. Now Frank doesn’t see much future for himself. Even joining the military seems too “righteous” for a cynic like Frank. But he wants something to be proud of, and nothing else seems as exciting as fighting in the Great War.

Interests… running, drinking, and goofing off. Frank is interested in spirited activities. He likes everything except for stopping.

Relationship Status… single. Frank doesn’t have a woman right now, but he seems like the type who has had many women in the past. He frequently visits brothels.

Challenge… finding a true calling. Railway work was only a way to gain some money. And running has never been something Frank thought he could do professionally. The military seems like the best option, but once he arrives, the realities of war will hold something entirely different than what he expected.

Personality… cocky, conniving, and clever. Frank is a true "lad," as mischievous as he is dependable in a scuffle. Frank sticks by his friends, and even though Archy beat him out in a race, the two become close allies, and only briefly leave each other’s sides. Frank is steadfast and loyal to his friends until the end.

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