Frank Corvin
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Frank Corvin

Space Cowboys

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Living… in a ranch house in Yountville, California, but he spends all his time at the Johnson Space Center in Houston: As Frank puts it, “If it's larger than a basketball and it's orbiting the Earth, it's tracked there. Pure NASA. Hi-Tech, all business.”

Profession… veteran U.S. Air Force pilot, tasked with capturing IKON. The Russian communications satellite has initiated “orbital degradation” and is in the process of tumbling to Earth. But IKON isn’t just any satellite; it is the communications satellite to the Russian Federation. It can't be destroyed – it must be retrieved in order to determine the possible political consequences.

Interests… getting his old team back together. Bob Gerson came begging for help with IKON. Frank told him he’d fix the problem... but only if he sent up the original Daedalus team to do the job. Frank’s got Hawk, Jerry and Tank back with him. Now they need to remember how to work together.

Relationship Status… happily married. Barbara's nervous about the mission, given Frank’s age. She never thought she'd have to deal with the dangers of his job again. She made Hawk promise he'd bring Frank home alive.

Challenge… saving the world from war. IKON is a relic from the Cold War. It has floated dead in space ever since the Soviet Union fell. There are six missiles onboard targeted at strategic American installations, all in large metropolitan areas. As the Russian scientists have described, “If IKON goes off-line it will assume that there has been a catastrophe and will initiate launch on its own.” The consequences will be disastrous.

Personality… bitter. Frank never got his moment in the spotlight back when hurtling through space was supposed to be his job. He must've been the only person in the world who wanted to kill himself (out of envious anger) the day Armstrong set foot on the moon. If he wasn’t completely confident that he could deliver every bit as well as NASA’s astronauts, he wouldn't go near this mission.

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