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Grew Up... in Pennsylvania. Francis lives near Philadelphia. He used to have a job at a shipping company, but was fired after assaulting another person.

Living... in a zombie apocalypse. An apocalyptic virus has turned Pennsylvania, and likely the whole planet, into a giant zombie nightmare. Francis is one of a handful of survivors who are immune the virus for some reason. Given the surrounding carnage, though, being alive doesn’t seem like as great a deal as one might hope.

Profession... biker. Francis is a member of the notorious Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club. So he’s not above killing, stealing, and generally just causing mayhem.

Interests... tattoos. Francis is covered in tattoos, most of which signify his loyalty to his motorcycle gang.

Relationship Status... mourning his past relationship. Francis was very close to his girlfriend Sandra, and made sure to see her before going to a prison that banned conjugal visits. However, she promptly turned into a zombie and was shot by their friend Duke before she could kill others.

Challenge... fighting off the zombies. Francis and the other survivors – including Zoey, Louis, and Bill – are doing whatever they can to survive. Unfortunately, Francis’s anti-social personality tends to conflict with the rest of the group. That’s a major problem because if they don’t band together, it’s hard to imagine that they have any real chance to make it given the odds stacked against them.     

Personality... anarchic. Francis hates authority, and is actually kind of excited about the apocalypse because it’s his chance to live in a world where he can do whatever he wants for the fun of it. And of course, he thinks he won’t get hurt because, as he says, “Good thing I’m indestructible.”

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