Francis York Morgan

Francis York Morgan

Deadly Premonition

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About Him

Grew Up... traumatized. Francis York Morgan’s childhood started out happy, but took a sharp turn for the worse when his father, Brian Xander Morgan, murdered his mother Valentine in front of him.

Living... in Greenvale. Francis’s latest case takes him to the town of Greenvale, Washington, a community with an abundance of strange red seeds.

Profession... FBI Agent. Taking after his father, Francis grew up to become an FBI agent, specifically a criminal profiler, and he is quite excellent at his job.

Interests... talking to Zach. By far, Francis’s most bizarre personality trait is how he frequently speaks with Zach, an invisible entity that is presumably his imaginary friend. He’ll chat with Zach about anything from movies to food while onlookers stare in confusion.

Relationship Status... single. Francis has always been shy around women, due to his general social awkwardness. But he does start to develop feelings for Greenvale’s deputy sheriff, Emily Wyatt.

Challenge... solving the murder of Anna Graham. When 18-year-old Greenvale resident Anna is mysteriously murdered, Francis is sent to investigate. However, as even more murders pile up, Francis begins to suspect he’s not dealing with an ordinary killer. Instead, something more supernatural is afoot.                                                                                

Personality... brilliant but eccentric. Francis has countless weird mannerisms, like wildly gesticulating, talking to no one, and trying to “read: coffee: “Do you feel it, Zach? My coffee warned me about it.” The only reason he can get away with such odd behavior is because of how smart and professionally accomplished he is. However, the condescending self-confidence that sometimes comes with that can also make him even more off-putting. 

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