Fran Katzenjammer
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Fran Katzenjammer

Black Books

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About Her

Living… in a tiny London flat run by a creepy and crooked landlord. He once tried to create a new apartment by pushing in the walls of Fran’s room. Yikes. Luckily, Fran has the charm to flirt her way into better living conditions.

Profession… ex-shop-keeper/job hunter. Fran once owned a store right next to Bernard’s bookshop called Nifty Gifty. She wasn’t particularly passionate about her business, but she was upset when she had to shut it down. Since then, Fran has been on the lookout for a stable job.

Interests… self-improvement and relapsing after attempting self-improvement. Fran goes through phases of trying to wean off alcohol, cigarettes, and fatty foods, but she isn’t very good at suppressing her urges. Fran usually ends up back at Bernard’s, chugging wine and smoking heavily.

Relationship Status… single, but constantly on the prowl for a new partner. So far, Fran has dated an obsessive cleaner, a gay man with a great body, and a violinist with a severe case of gum disease. Strangely enough, none of them worked out.

Challenge… finding a job, finding a boyfriend, and finding happiness. Fran just wants to sort her act out. Unfortunately, she lacks the willpower and resolve to make any permanent improvements to her life and personality. Fran likes to think she is more put together than Bernard and Manny, but in reality, she’s a total mess.  

Personality… neurotic, but trying her hardest not to be. Fran often scolds her close friend, Bernard, for being a total whack job, saying, “You’re a freak, Bernard, you know that.” But she isn’t much better in terms of mental and emotional stability. Fran is an attractive woman, but she often overthinks social situations and winds up alienating just about everyone.

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