Flora McGrath
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Flora McGrath

The Piano

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About Her

Grew Up… in Scotland with her single mother, Ada. Flora has had to grow up quickly, as her mother developed a unique dependence on her. The young Ada has to translate her mute mother’s sign language, as she is her voice to the rest of the world. 

Living… in New Zealand, a strange country. Flora was forced to leave her home when her mother was sold into marriage with a frontiersman.

Profession… none, though everyone relies on the young Flora to translate for her mother. Flora has to accompany Ada wherever she goes, as she is the only one fluent in British sign language.

Interests… questioning everything around her. Flora is as curious as she is intelligent. She constantly asks her mother questions about life and how it should be lived. 

Challenge… adjusting to her new home and her unkind new stepfather. Flora has not taken to Alisdair, her mother’s new husband. In her words, “I’m not going to call him Papa. I’m not going to call him anything. I’m not even gonna look at him.” Ada doesn't especially like him, either. But now Ada is playing the piano for – and contemplating doing a lot more than that with – a man named Baines. How that will affect Flora is unclear, but it promises to be complicated.

Personality… wise, curious, and playful. Though Flora does not always understand her mother’s actions, she follows her through life with a loyalty and love that inspires others. “Actually, to tell you the truth,” she says, “Mother says that most people speak rubbish, it’s not worth it to listen.” 

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