The Gentlemen

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in the United Kingdom. Fletcher’s job as a private investigator prompts him to travel all over but for his latest case involving Mickey, he spends most of his time in the U.K.

Profession… private investigator for hire. Fletcher offers surveillance, data/evidence collection and constant communication to anyone who will pay him. He demands large sums of money for his work because he excels in his field. He’ll camp out for long periods of time, follow people of interest and report his findings to his employer in a clear and concise manner. Some of his tactics may seem overboard, but they get the job done and have made Fletcher very sought after by some powerful men.

Interests… film, steak, liquor, home decor and making money. Fletcher is an avid fan of film, often referencing elements of cinema and constantly comparing life to a screenplay. He has refined tastes when it comes to liquor and home decor.

Challenge… convincing Raymond to pay him. Fletcher has the goods on a drug baron, Mickey Pearson, blackmailing him into providing the cash to produce his film based on this mobster’s dirty dealings. Fletcher hopes to persuade Raymond to pay him twenty million pounds in exchange for all the evidence he has collected on Mickey and his business. Raymond is not biting, so little by little Fletcher recounts every detail of the recent events that have seen Mickey and his associates commit various crimes. As Raymond begins to lose his patience, Fletcher needs to come up with a plan so he can get paid and make it out alive. As he tells Raymond, “The sun isn’t going up for me. It’s going down.”

Personality… extravagant, cunning, and shallow. Fletcher cares about getting rich without any regard for who he might hurt along the way, and he is always aware of what he is doing and what he wants to accomplish. Fletcher has a flair for the dramatic and can talk your ear off. But he may be all talk and no action; he becomes fearful at any threat of violence.


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