Fiona Glenanne
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Fiona Glenanne

Burn Notice

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Living... in Miami, an environment very different from her home of Ireland. Fiona lives alone but is almost always found with her ex-boyfriend, Michael Westen, who recently moved back into town. That has added a great deal of complication to her life, both emotionally and through the number of enemies trying to hurt him and the people he is close to – like Fiona.

Profession... freelance independent contractor, weapons dealer, unlicensed bounty hunter. Fiona has a lot of experience in these semi-illicit trades from her days in the Irish Republican Army (IRA). This independent work suits her much better, though, as she doesn't have to take orders from anyone and has a good amount of free time to help Michael with his investigations.

Interests... guns. Fiona has a lot of professional familiarity with weapons, and is also clearly attracted to them on a personal level. She often seems even to seek disorder, in order to satisfy her "trigger-happy" desires. She loves the thrill of danger and is never one to avoid a situation because it seems too risky. As she once said, "In my experience, if something seems to good to be true, it's best to shoot it just in case."

Relationship Status... single, sort of. Fiona is very much in love with Michael but is dissatisfied with his lack of commitment to her. He’s too wrapped up in trying to figure out who in the CIA “burned” him. As she puts it, "You're too worried about your own future for there to be one for us." However, she does regularly help him with his missions in order to stay in close proximity. She has dated a few other men since Michael's return to Miami, but mostly as attempts to make Michael jealous.

Challenge... resolving things with Michael once and for all. Fiona's life would be much easier if she were able to cut her ties with him and just move on. She is constantly in turmoil over his commitment to her (or lack thereof) and is frequently thrown into life-threatening situations brought on by his pursuit of justice. But there’s something about Michael and the undeniable connection that they share that she just can’t shake.

Personality... strong, completely willing and able to fend for herself even in the most dangerous situations. However, she is prone to a good deal of emotional strife as seen in her relationship with Michael, and often lets her feelings get the best of her. She is extremely intelligent and highly skilled at what she does. If you're trying to elude the CIA or fend off dangerous criminals, Fiona’s your woman. If your goal is settling down into a quiet domestic life, maybe think again.

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