Star Wars Series
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as a child soldier, taken from his family to serve the First Order. He trained to fight the Resistance as a stormtrooper called FN-2187, scoring top marks as a cadet and shaping up to be an ideal stormtrooper. Or so it seemed.

Living… a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, under stringent control of the First Order. Stripped of all sense of identity and humanity, he’s discovered that he’s not happy living under these conditions. After witnessing how he’s supposed to mercilessly kill civilians, he takes a chance to escape with Resistance pilot Poe Dameron. He starts calling himself Finn (actually, it was Poe’s idea) and he ends up on the planet Jakku.

Profession… stormtrooper, although now after escaping he’s really a stormtrooper deserter. He meets up with a woman named Rey, who assumes he’s a Resistance fighter, so he might just go along with that job title for now.

Interests… skilled fighting, but for a good cause. Finn doesn’t want to kill people, at least not unarmed civilians, but he’s interested in moving forward toward the greater good.

Relationship Status… single. Training to be a stormtrooper doesn’t offer much time for romance. Now that he’s escaped, though, he does think the feisty Rey is kind of cute. She’s not exactly a damsel in distress, though, as she frequently reminds him when his attempts at chivalry come off as patronizing.

Challenge… not being killed by the First Order. While Finn has escaped the First Order for the moment, he ends up getting caught up in parts of the Resistance. He’ll have to rise to the occasion of fighting the Dark Side.

Personality… empathetic, protective, and brave. Finn has all the training of a stormtrooper, along with a big heart and a sense of right and wrong. Finn never expected to be a part of anything big, but he’s prepared to step up to the challenge of a larger calling.


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