Fernando Sucre
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Fernando Sucre

Prison Break

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About Him

Grew Up… in a Puerto Rican family in Chicago. Though he grew up mostly a good kid, he’s had a few experiences with petty crime, and has a criminal record.

Living… in Fox River State Penitentiary. He’s serving 10 years for an attempted robbery of a liquor store, though he hopes to be out on parole in 18 months. This requires a certain amount of good behavior on his part, which might prove difficult given the plans of his new cellmate, Michael Scofield.

Profession…convict, at the moment.Before ending up in prison, Fernando held down a steady job at a warehouse. Nothing too fancy, but stable. Now in prison, his job is to get by, and be well-behaved, while trying to hold onto the girlfriend he has back home in Chicago.

Interests… his main interest is to get back to Maricruz – and help guarantee the continuation of her phone calls and conjugal visits. He asks Michael’s help penning a letter to Maricruz: “What’s another word for ‘love?’” When Michael asks the context, Fernando tells him, “Oh, you know, the ‘I love you so much, I ain't knocking over a liquor store again’ context. Except, you know, classy.”

Relationship Status… dating Maricruz Delgado. He wants to marry her one day, but lacks the resources – not to mention the freedom – to do so. His incarceration poses a serious threat to this goal, as other suitors, namely Fernando’s cousin Hector, try to attract Maricruz’s interests. The irony of the situation is that Fernando’s in prison in the first place because he needed money to buy an engagement ring for Maricruz.

Challenge… trying to marry Maricruz. Though in prison, Maricruz is standing by her long-term boyfriend, coming to visit Fernando often. Fernando has plans to propose to Maricruz and is easily frustrated and worried about the prospect of losing her while imprisoned. If he can get her to wait, he’ll be fine. If he can’t, he’ll have to resort to desperate measures – like Michael’s escape plan.

Personality… emotive, loyal, and often funny. He likes to tell it like it is: “Us Ricans? We have very high blood pressure. My cousin? He died from too much stress.” He’ll be a good man to help Michael’s escape plan. Since they’re cellmates, though, Fernando doesn't have much choice but to be involved regardless.

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