Fernand Mondego
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Fernand Mondego

The Count of Monte Cristo

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About Him

Overview... the Count de Morcerf in 19th century France. Fernand is a noble, whose affection for his cousin Mercedes drives him to betray his compatriot Edmond Dantes. Dantes is betrothed to Mercedes, but when the opportunity strikes, Mondego conspires to defame Dantes as a Bonapartist traitor. That sends Dantes to prison with a life sentence.

Personality… conniving, jealous, and traitorous. His actions are chosen carefully, and almost always purely to benefit himself.  He would betray an old friend if it meant raising his self-worth in any way whatsoever. Already wealthy, Fernand desires nothing more than the love of a beautiful woman. If he has to be underhanded to gain it, no matter.

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