Fermina Daza
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Fermina Daza

Love in the Time of Cholera

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About Her

Grew up… in a town in Colombia, near the Magdalena River. Fermina’s mother died when she was ten, leaving her to be raised by her father and her aunt. She attended a Catholic school, and developed a life-long hatred of religion.

Living… in her hometown once again, after traveling as a young woman. She has a beautiful home with her husband.

Profession… none. Fermina married into a local aristocratic family. Her husband, Juvenal Urbino, is a well-respected doctor who supports both of them.

Interests… anything but the harp. Her mother-in-law forces her to take harp lessons, which she despises. She would rather be in the outdoors with animals and her garden.

Relationship Status… married. Throughout her youth, Fermina was in love with Florentino. She decided to marry Dr. Urbino because it was the practical choice, but she can’t stop thinking about Florentino. Even though her marriage has problems, she still views her decision as the mature choice. 

Challenge… understanding the ins and outs of love. Fermina is not a naturally romantic person. And, her marriage has always been complicated.

Personality… proud, sophisticated, poised, and caring. Fermina cannot stand feeling guilty, and refuses to be proved wrong in any argument. She is haughty and headstrong – determined to push ahead with her own desires and plans until she achieves them. Beneath her structured exterior, Fermina has a tender side, which comes out when she is caring for her husband or delicate thinks like animals and flowers. 

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