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The Crying Game

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Living… in London, although he spent most his life in Ireland. A member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), Fergus’ terrorist cell was recently raided, forcing him to flee. He’s hoping to return to Ireland when it’s safe, but he knows that day may never come.

Profession… laborer and former member of the IRA. His last assignment before he fled to London was to kidnap a British soldier named Jody, and exchange him for captured members of the IRA. Throughout his days guarding him, Fergus began to feel attached to Jody, and was ultimately unable to execute him even after the British government refused to honor their demands. The authorities assaulted Fergus’ headquarters shortly after, forcing him to flee the country. Now he’s just trying to get by, taking any job that requires a strong back and no questions.

Interests… protecting Jody' wife, Dil. Before he fled and was killed by a passing armored personnel carrier, Jody made Fergus promise to look out for Dil if he ever made it to London. Although as time drags on, it’s beginning to look like Fergus’ interest in Dil is based on more than an obligation.

Relationship Status… circling the mysterious Dil. Before Jody died, he asked Fergus to love Dil and take care of her. Fergus initially looked into Dil just to make sure that she was getting along alright, but he finds himself strangely drawn to Jody’s widow.

Challenge… staying ahead of his past. When Fergus fled the country, the IRA tried charged him with desertion – a crime that carries a death sentence. Now, in order to prove his loyalty to the IRA, he’s being asked to assist in the assassination of a judge. If he doesn’t comply they’ll kill him, and Dil. Fergus is done with his old life in the IRA, but it’s far from done with him.

Personality… guilt-ridden. He came to London to make right with Jody's woman like he asked. He couldn’t live knowing he was the one who separated them. He wants no part of the IRA anymore – his patriotic fervor doesn’t outweigh the regret he feels for all the lives he’s taken. He’s a man who has a sense of duty to himself and his beliefs, not to anyone else's. But to his former comrades, he’s seen as a coward and a traitor.

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