Felix Unger

Felix Unger

    The Odd Couple
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in New York with his friend, Oscar Madison. After Felix’s wife kicked him out, he had nowhere to go. Seriously, nowhere. If he had a better place to go he wouldn’t crash with a guy who drinks 33-cent wine and leaves the empty bottle on the floor.

Profession… commercial photographer. He shoots everything from weddings to Playboy centerfold shoots, but as his slogan says, “Portraits a specialty.”

Interests… fine wine, food, art, and literature. Felix has very sophisticated tastes, and treats his interests with near-OCD levels of care and focus. Oscar’s “lasagna and fries” dinners are an affront to Felix’s entire worldview.

Relationship Status… divorced. He goes on dates, but nobody ever lives up to his ex-wife Gloria. He hopes to win her back some day, but for now he’s too busy cleaning up Oscar’s messes.

Challenge… tolerating his messy roommate. Oscar is a serious slob who not only dirties the place up, but can’t even hold his own in a conversation about the art of opera. Their time together is one of endless friction, yelling, and disagreements. It’s tough for someone who likes things “just so” to cohabitate with a guy who lives his life by the credo: “so what.” Then again, it’s Oscar’s place, so until Felix can afford an apartment of his own, perhaps he should learn to live and let live a bit more.

Personality… proper, put-together, well-read, and very neurotic. Felix is a serious neat freak who still finds time to read the canon and cook a well-balanced meal without splashing on anything. He treats his passions with extreme enthusiasm. That gets on Oscar’s nerves, like much of what Felix does, but they can’t help but love each other – even if it’s not always clear why.


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