Felix Dawkins
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Felix Dawkins

Orphan Black

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About Him

Grew up… in England with his cloned foster sister Sarah Manning, before being adopted by Mrs. S and moving to Canada.

Living… Toronto, Canada. An avid city dweller, Felix does not like going anywhere near the suburbs. On the first trip to visit another clone, he says, “You know, my skin just breaks out every time I leave the downtown. Yeah, yeah. Right there. Look acne…Tiny, little suburban stress zits, emerging in direct proximity to bad architecture.” An artist at heart, his apartment is a cluttered painting studio. After discovering that his sister is a clone, Felix even decorates his home with paintings of all the versions of his “sister.”

Profession… struggling artist. After Sarah came back into his life, Felix’s life is thrown upside down. Often covering for one the clones, he becomes a companion who supports all of them through the various crises that are thrown their way. 

Interests… theater, painting, clubbing, and sex. Felix is a free-spirit who is constantly partying. He likes to go clubbing, where he often sports back-less leather pants.

Relationship Status… single and flirty. Upon a visit to the morgue to identify a body, he quickly realizes that the morgue technician is interested in him. Felix says, “Well, aren’t you an odd duck?” and sets up a date.

Challenge… surviving. After the Dyad Institute and Helena discover that Sarah is clone with a daughter, Felix’s life is put in danger. With various forces after his family, Felix is constantly trying to rescue them or keep them safe.

Personality… sarcastic, sassy, and loyal. Felix goes by the beat of his own drum, which is sometimes morally questionable. Ever endearing, he is a dreamer at heart. As he puts it, "When you're a poor little orphaned foster wretch, anything’s possible. Or so we tell ourselves." He is a sassy hustler who can get away with almost anything, even sustaining multiple sugar daddies to pay his rent. Despite all this, he is often Sarah’s voice of reason.


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