Felicity Worthington

Felicity Worthington

A Great and Terrible Beauty

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About Her

Grew Up... well-off. Pretty, rich, and the daughter of a famous naval admiral, Felicity seems to have the world at her feet, and with the way she acts, it's hard not to believe.

Visiting... at Spence Academy, an all-girls boarding school where Felicity is the undisputed queen. Sixteen and popular, Felicity's a harsh ruler, tormenting less popular girls with seeming glee. But the arrival of a new girl, Gemma, shakes up the social order of Spence, and there may be more to Gemma than meets the eye.

Profession... student, though she puts more emphasis on being adored than studying. It isn't that Felicity is dim-witted, but her wealth and beauty mean she hardly has to worry about her future, leaving Felicity to other, more interesting pursuits.

Interests... archery, ruling Spence, and her father. When her mother runs away to France, Felicity is left with only her father, whom she deeply adores – a little too deeply, in fact, to be normal.  

Relationship Status... single, but with plenty of male suitors. At least, that's what Felicity would have her classmates believe. But there are signs Felicity may have a more than platonic interest in some of her fellow classmates.

Challenge... gaining power. Although undoubtedly the most influential girl at Spence, Felicity seems to have an obsession with mental and physical strength, saying plainly that her deepest wish is "to be too powerful to ignore." When Gemma starts gaining mystical abilities, Felicity is eager to use her new friend's powers to fulfill her wishes. But when it comes to magic, Felicity might be finally in over her head.

Personality... ambitious, bold, and fiercely independent. At first, Felicity might seem like nothing more than a popular, self-assured girl, but behind Felicity's schoolgirl cruelties is a loyal friend determined to crush her own insecurities. Though physically a picture of Victorian femininity, Felicity is, in reality, a fierce rebel against convention who believes she and her friends "are new girls for a new world.”

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