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Living... in New York City, after following her crush to the University of New York and abandoning her scholarship to Stanford. Her overbearing parents weren’t so happy. 

Profession... college student. She was going to be pre-med at Stanford, just like her dad always wanted, but once she abandoned that old plan, everything else became just as unclear – and just as exciting. As Felicity puts it, “Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.”

Interests… big sweaters, art, and finding herself.

Relationship Status... caught in a love triangle. She followed her handsome, popular high school classmate Ben to New York. But whom does she look to for help with that decision once she gets there? Her sophomore RA, Noel. They get pretty close, and Noel gets pretty jealous when she continues to pine after Ben.

Challenge... navigating through her first taste of independence in the craziest city in the world. College is a time of self-discovery for many, but Felicity seems to feel everything extra intensely. What classes to take? Whom to date? How to break it to her parents that she’s not going through with her plan to major in pre-med? How to handle a super-weird roommate? None of these questions have easy answers, but she’s trying her best.       

Personality... curious, intelligent, and emotional. Felicity has discovered a newfound sense of spontaneity, but she learns that rash decisions have consequences. Her parents might say her worst decision was foregoing Stanford. (Everyone else might say her sudden, short haircut after freshman year.) But she understands that all these mistakes are going to make her into the person she wants to become. Hopefully, anyway. In her words, “The hardest part of moving forward is not looking back.”

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