Father Vito Cornelius
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Father Vito Cornelius

The Fifth Element

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About Him

Grew Up… training to be a priest. He is the heir to a sacred duty that began in 1914 when alien life forms called the Mondoshawans visited earth. They informed the first member of Cornelius’s order that a Great Evil comes to earth every 5000 years, intent on destroying all life. It can only be stopped by the combination of four elemental stones with a fifth, human element. Cornelius has been entrusted with gathering the elements, and ensuring that humanity survives the Great Evil.

Living… in the year 2263, the fateful year when the Great Evil is set to arrive. Humanity's only hope is for Vito to find and protect the mysterious Fifth Element, a recently cloned girl who goes by the name of Leeloo. To accomplish this Vito and his apprentice will make an unlikely alliance with the girl’s protector, the fast-talking cab driver Korben Dallas.

Profession… priest. He is part of a specific religious order who believes Mondoshawan aliens visited earth in 1914 and delivered a prophecy that the Earth will be threatened by a Great Evil in the year 2263.

Interests… the four stones. Besides the Fifth Element, the other elements are represented by four stones, which he must find before the Fifth Element can be used as a weapon against the Great Evil.

Relationship Status… single. He a man of the cloth, married to his priesthood.

Challenge… to collect the four stones and keep the Fifth Element safe, so that he can unite them all in an ancient Egyptian pyramid, thereby destroying the Great Evil. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Not only does Vito not know where the stones are, but he’s also being undermined by the evil industrialist Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, who has entered into an alliance with the Great Evil. Outmatched and running out of time, Vito will have to pin his hopes on the washed up taxi driver, Korben Dallas.

Personality… enlightened and peaceful. He wants nothing more than the prosperity of humanity, and the dissolution of evil everywhere. He is a natural fit for the priesthood, and has no doubt about its principles or mission. Non-violent and righteous, Vito knows that “evil begets evil.”


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